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The agriculture extension service,environment and support for cooperatives..

ADI TERIMBEREhas to conduct training on agriculture cooperatives, livestock and other non-agricultural activities like handcraft with capacity building for cooperatives, The Field officers in this service must conduct field activities; Collect and report supporting documentation for funds spent on the field; Working closely with the beneficiaries and preparing reports on the activities carried out; Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly plans for activities to be carried out. Evaluate the project’s performance and measure the level of achievement of the set objective. ADI TERIMBERE as member of SUN Alliance Rwanda (Scaling Up Nutrition) is looking not only for developed agricultural but also toward to nutrition strategy, reason why it is supporting some poor households by providing to them the agricultural and livestock rotating credits (Inputs : seeds, fertilizers) and small livestock like sheep, goat, chicken and pigs. Through AGEI Project (Adolescent Girls Empowerment Initiative) ADI TERIMBERE has sponsored 68 vulnerable girls from Kabaya and Hindiro Sector thanks to the financial support from FIRELIGHT Foundation through ADEPE organization, Some of them are breeders (13), at school (10), at handcraft (36) and small businesses (9)