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Our partners..

Local partners
• ADI TERIMBERE members: ADI TERIMBERE has 460 members that are the first founders of this organization and have in their duties to do all required management for achieving to success.
• Local government: is a key partner for ADI TERIMBERE and includes districts, sectors, cells and villages.
• Central government: Central government including different ministerial departments MINALOC, MINAGRI, MINECOFIN etc. as well as their related national institutions like RAB, etc.
• Local partners: ADI TERIMBERE collaborates with local cooperatives to improve agriculture and livestock development by promoting especially wheat production and breeding of domestic animals. For example: COABMU (Coopératives des Agriculteurs du Blé de Muhanda) ; COARU (Cooperative Koperative Iharanira Amajyambere Rusange) ; COOPAB Kabaya (Cooperative des Agriculteurs du Blé de Kabaya) ; COTT (Cooperative Tuzamuke Twese) ; KABKM (Koperative y’Abahinzi-borozi mu kagari ka Mwendo); KOGKA (Koperative Gwiza Kavumu); KOINDAMU (Koperative Indatwa m’Ubuhinzi Matyazo) and UCOABNYANGO (Union des Coopératives des Agriculteurs du Blé de Nyabihu et Ngororero).

National Partners:
There are some organizations of Civil Society which are collaborating with ADI TERIMBERE to implement PPIMA project (Public Policy, Information, Monitoring and Advocacy) in Rwanda under the support from NPA (Norwegian People’s Aid) from 2010.We can say RCSP (Rwanda Civil Society platform), ADENYA (Association pour Développement de Nyabimata), COPORWA (Community of Potters in Rwanda), NUDOR (National union of disabilities organizations in Rwanda), PFTH (Pro-femmes - Twese hamwe), TA (Tubibe amahoro organization), CCOAIB (Conseil de Concertation des Organisations d’appui aux Initiatives de Base), TIR (Transparence International Rwanda), PAX Press (ONG pour la Promotion de la Presse de la Paix et de la Réconciliation), IMBARAGA organization etc. Other organizations like BAIR (Bureau d’Appui aux Initiatives Rurales) NAR (Never Again Rwanda, RCN Justice & Democracy, GLIHAD (Great Lakes Initiative for Human Right and Development), SUN Alliance Rwanda (ADI TERIMBERE is member of Scaling Up Nutrition umbrella)and RNGOF (Rwanda Non-Governmental Organizations Forum on HIV SIDA) in which ADI TERIMBERE is member.

There is also other partners like ADEPE(Action pour le Développement du Peuple) which facilitate us in capacity building for young vulnerables girls from Kabaya and Hindiro Sectors of Ngororero District.
ADI-TERIMBERE organization is a member of Ngororero District Justice and Human Rights Committee (JRLOS) supported by RCN Justice and Democracy. Local radio stations like HUGUKA community radio, ENERGY radio and RC Musanze.

International partners
1. NPA (Norwegian People’s Aid): ADI TERIMBERE is collaborating with NPA in the domain of good governance and gender equality. Precisely, NPA is financing and coordinating the activities of project named “strengthening citizens’ participation in public policy and service delivery processes in 5 sectors of Ngororero district of Rwanda’s Western Province” known as PPIMA project in general since 2010.
2. SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) and DFID (Department for International Development): These 2 organizations have already combined their effort with NPA to finance PPIMA Project since 2010.
3. European Union (EU): From 2015, ADI TERIMBERE will establish and manage the Center of Community Service Delivery Monitoring and Feedback in Ngororero districtin the context of implementation of the project for improving Efficiency and Accountability of Service Delivery in Rwanda “EASD-Runder the finance from EU and the coordination by RCSP.
4. Firelight Foundation is financing the project to strengthen young vulnerable girls through ADEPE organization from 2016-2018